Palouse Falls

Here is the recipe:

  • Take 3 slightly wacky landscape photographers
  • Add a 2 hour roadtrip
  • “sprinkle” a few rain showers and some stormclouds
  • drop 198 feet into the pool below
  • finally, stir in some fleeting sunset light that feathers the bottom of the clouds.

Presto!  Epic Palouse Falls imagery!

For those who may not be familiar, Palouse Falls is a few miles southeast of Washtucna, Washington in the South-Central part of the state.  Formed by Ice Age floods some 15,000 years ago, the landscape is jagged and barren.

The Palouse River canyon is actually some 400-500 feet deep, but the river has carved its way down so the falls are actually only 198 feet, and depending on the angle, the falls seem dwarfed by the surrounding canyon walls.

We were at the falls at sunset, and the ‘powers that be’ did not disappoint!  We were treated to a wonderful light show and a few rainbows as the last rays of light played across the bottom of the rainclouds in the distance.

If you get the chance, Palouse Falls is a gem that should not be missed!


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