Tilted Reality Studio behind the scenes

Last week, I helped my buddy John over at Tilted Reality Studio.  John had built a set for a shoot and needed some help with the finishing touches, and he also wanted me to shoot some behind the scenes images for him.

The set:

So I helped with some painting and hanging and assembling the floor.  Then, when our fabulous model Naomi was all made up by Darren the make-up guy, I helped get the lighting fine tuned and grabbed my camera for some BTS shots:

John told me his settings, so I piggybacked off his flash for a few shots by dragging the shutter at f13:

(before I changed my WB!)

and after:

During a wardrobe change, John made a taco run, and Naomi was ready before he got back, so I “borrowed” his flash trigger (AKA flashy thingie) and took a few shots of my own!

It was a long and tiring day, but also a lot of fun and we got some great images! Thanks to John and Tilted reality Studio, to Darren the make-up guy, and to Naomi the model!  Also thanks to Annie for standing in as a ‘crash test dummy’ and helping out throughout the day.

( sorry the image is blurry; it’s really hard to shoot at 1/10 sec when you are trying not to laugh!)

Here’s looking at you, John!


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