The Rauschers

I had the pleasure of photographing the Rasucher family a few days ago, and we got some great images! Three generations of Rauscher for you, Christmas card style:

Mom and Dad are approaching 20 years of marriage, and Dad is also approaching 20 years of military service.

Son is 18 and is shipping for basic training in February.  Daughter is in high school and had just been dumped by text (the NERVE!)  Grand-daughter belongs to the son, and is a wonderfully happy bundle of joy!  In fact, she was dancing to Lily Allen (Lily Allen is CRAZY!  In a musically good way…) It was very cute!

Advice to all you boys: NEVER dump a girl by TEXT!  I asked daughter to give me the look she would give the boy, and I got this:  can you feel the burn?

As I mentioned, Dad is approaching retirement from the military, and Son is about to join.  I changed up my lighting and took some edgy shots of Dad and Son.  I played with the colors and contrast, and then I put 2 of the images side by side.  I have titled it “Changing of the Guard.”

Thank you to the Rauschers for allowing me to photograph them.  I had a great time, and we got some great images!  And thank you for your service to our country.

If you are interested in arranging a photo session with me, please contact me through my website:


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