Lightroom Develop Presets

Hey all, I realized after doing my Hockey editing video that I was using develop presets without adequate explanation of what a develop preset is. So I created another video to tell you what a develop preset is, where it ‘lives,’ and how to make your own presets.  Here it is:


Thanks for looking and I hope you learned something!


Hockey photo edit for noise

Hi everyone!  Here is a short video I put together discussing how I process my hockey images to deal with ISO noise.  The rink I am shooting has Fluorescent lights, and I am shooting at ISO 3200 to get a good exposure with my Canon 7D and 70-200mm f/2.8.

In the video I discuss exposing to the right, Lightroom’s sharpening mask, and luminance noise reduction as methods for reducing ISO grain and noise in your photos.

Thanks for looking!

Spokane Shock Dance Team calendar Shoot!

Ahh, life.  That crazy series of unpredictability that greets us each morning as we roll out of bed, the Murphyness of ‘the alarm didn’t go off, the kid is sick, out of coffee, car won’t start, (insert malady here)’ that keeps us scrambling to simply get by and do the things we NEED to do while doing its level best to make sure we never get around to those things we WANT to do, like create a new blog post.

But I digress…

02132015-PMP-shock dance-PAPE-15

One of the sets for our shoot!

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Pretty in Pink (not the movie)

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

I photograph a lot of athletic events, and one event that I have worked for the last 3 years is the Pacific Northwest Qualifier for girls volleyball, also known as the PNQ. My job is to shoot the players playing. This year, I had some free time on Saturday, which happened to be the Pinkin’ it Up day in support of Susan G. Komen Foundation and breast cancer awareness. So I decided to take a walk around the venue and document some of the interesting and cool things I saw related to the pink theme. Hope you enjoy!

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Extracting the Spirit of Christmas

I worked for a “photo mill” this holiday season.  My job was to take photos of people with Santa.  Well, more accurately, my job was to manage the set at the mall where we collectively ‘sold Santa.’

Sitting with Santa 2013

Sitting with Santa 2013

Being a photographer first, I chose to run the camera and let the other staff take care of greeting, running the register, etc.  It was a fun experience and I got a bunch of practice posing and pulling smiles out of many nervous and frightened children.  But one man made my season on Christmas Eve…

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